How A Residential Glass Repair Company Can Help Your Damaged Patio Door Glass

Sliding glass patio doors add beauty to your home while allowing you to admire the outdoors. Your patio doors may last for years without having any problems, but when the glass cracks or chips, you should get repairs done promptly.

Unlike windows, which you can leave alone so the crack doesn't spread, you may need to use the door to get outside or your pets may jump against the door. Vibrations from the door movement could cause the damage to spread quickly. Since a damaged glass door is a hazard in your home, call a residential glass repair service to fix your door as soon as possible. Here are some things they might do.

Provide Emergency Service

If the glass has broken out of your door, your home won't be secure since anyone can walk right in. You may not want your door left open all night since stray animals and bugs can get in too.

A residential glass repair service often provides emergency repairs when needed. If glass repairs or replacement can't be done right away, they may board the door up for you so the door is secure until the glass can be replaced.

Fill In Small Cracks And Chips

The glass repair professional needs to consider how safe your door will be with repairs rather than a replacement. The size of the damage matters as well as where a crack is located. Since a patio door gets a lot of movement, the repair professional wants to ensure the door glass will be strong and secure once repairs are done.

Repairing a crack or chip in a patio door is similar to repairing any other type of damaged glass. The damaged area is filled in with glass repair epoxy and then the surface is made even by scraping off the excess with a blade.

Repairing damage with epoxy keeps cracks from spreading, and the repairs camouflage the cracks. However, the repaired area may still be noticeable, so that's something to consider when choosing between repairs and a glass replacement.

Replace The Glass Panel

Replacing a damaged glass panel is tricky work since the panel is large and heavy. The workers will probably use suction paddles to hold the glass steady and move the new glass panel in place. Removing the old glass involves removing the trim and old caulk so the glass pane can be lifted out. Once the frame has all the old caulk and glass fragments cleaned away, the new glass pane can be put in the frame and sealed in place so it's secure and doesn't let in air or rain.