How A Residential Glass Repair Company Can Help Your Damaged Patio Door Glass

Sliding glass patio doors add beauty to your home while allowing you to admire the outdoors. Your patio doors may last for years without having any problems, but when the glass cracks or chips, you should get repairs done promptly. Unlike windows, which you can leave alone so the crack doesn't spread, you may need to use the door to get outside or your pets may jump against the door. Vibrations from the door movement could cause the damage to spread quickly. Read More 

How Windows And Mirrors Can Help Your Business

If you own a small storefront, then you want to make sure you are taking all the steps you can to create the best storefront possible for all the customers who may want your merchandise. In a lot of cases, having more glass installed in the storefront can help, and in some cases, having mirrors installed can, too. Here are some reasons why glass and/or mirror installation can help your business in different scenarios. Read More 

How To Install A Vinyl Window With Nail Flanges So It Is Waterproof And Sound

Vinyl windows are an economical, lightweight and durable choice if you are updating or renovating your home. There are different ways to mount vinyl windows, but nail flange installation is simple and reliable. However, it is critical that you install your vinyl windows correctly, or water may be able to enter your home or cause wood rot in unprotected areas. Below is a list of materials and tools you will need as well as a step-by-step procedure for installing vinyl windows with nail flanges: Read More 

What You Should Know About Glass Shower Doors

A big shower with beautiful glass doors is so much more gorgeous than one with a shower liner. If you're considering having glass shower doors installed, check out these four must-know facts. They'll help you determine if glass doors really are as wonderful as they look. They Come With or Without Frames Glass shower doors can come with frames or they can be frame-free. The frame-free shower doors provide a more contemporary appearance, and many people who have large, lavish showers choose frameless doors to compliment the appearance. Read More 

2 Lies People Tell Themselves About Windshield Damage

If you are like most people, you might start downplaying auto glass chips and cracks the instant you spot them. After all, if you don't have to register your car anytime soon, why would you take care of repairs now? Although it might not seem like a pressing issue, letting windshield damage go might only make the problem worse down the road. Here are two lies people tell themselves about windshield damage, and why you need to address these issues sooner rather than later:  Read More